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Why Do Cut Flowers Die

Updated: May 15, 2020

Our skin is like a garden; we need to weed, feed and water it.

When the roots of flowers are cut they can’t get the nutrients they need from the soil and they slowly begin to die. Our skin reacts in a similar way; if it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, our skin will begin to look lifeless and dull. If anything unnecessarily stresses a flower or disturbs the flow of water, that too can shorten lifespan tremendously. If we disturb the pH of our skin or use products with harmful or useless ingredients, we too stress out our skin and cause it to age faster.

If we want our cut flowers to live longer we take specific measures, like using pure water, cutting the stems on a sharp angle so it’s base has more surface area to drink and we add nutrients to the water. Our skin also needs specific measures to stay rejuvenated; like products that keep our pores unplugged, that hydrate and that stimulate elastin and collagen production.

Because the aging or the thinning of our skin and loss of elasticity is inevitable, we can either let our skin wilt and wither like an uncared for flower or, we can commit to finding the right products that weed, feed and water our skin in accordance with nature. That means products with no allergens like wheat or artificial fragrances, toxic chemicals or animal ingredients. Don’t be fooled by a product that says it contains collagen, because what you’ll be putting on your skin is chicken feet and ground up animal horns!

For the longest time I thought, best to do nothing than to buy products I couldn't trust; and the result was lifeless and dull looking skin. I accepted that my face was grey and colorless; I believed my scaly elbows were hereditary and I convinced myself that my legs were dry during the winter because they were covered up with tights; and dry during the summer because I was in the sun too long. The best thing I've done for my skin is to adopt the weed, feed and water methodology; to cleanse morning and night, apply products that have the nutrients my skin needs and to use moisturizers that keep my skin hydrated; and during the day, protects me from the sun.

Today begins your transformation to a more healthier and beautiful you!

Gloria Mills - For The Greater Glow



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