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Elephants Need Their Wrinkles For Survival; We Don't

Everyone is trying to look younger and anti-aging products have saturated the market.

Though we may correlate wrinkles as the sign of aging; our wrinkling actually begins in our 20's. Elephants are born with their wrinkles and unlike us, as they age, they do not increase or get deeper. While there is an entire industry of treatments and products to help us get rid of our wrinkles, Elephants need their wrinkles to store moisture collected during wallowing, 5 to 10 times more water gets retained in their wrinkled skin; and the pattern of their wrinkles disperse water along their body, helping to keep them from dehydrating and overheating. When we immerse in water, we strip our skin's 'Acid Mantle'; which helps our skin to remain healthy and is our body's first defense mechanism against bacteria. When our skin is not protected by this 'Acid Mantle' it effects our pH (we want our skin at a pH of around 5.5); and using products with a pH that is too alkaline is one of the factors to our aging.

The other factors are Environmental, such as the sun, which causes 90%-95% of our wrinkles; Free Radicals; such as stress and pollution and Biological, which accounts for 10% of the visible signs of aging. Add to this, the skin's natural aging process; like the fact that the thickness of our skin decreases a staggering 6% every 10 years, and that the production of collagen and elastin (which attributes to our skin's firmness and elasticity) slows down a dramatic 65% between the ages of 20 and 80 and you understand why 'Anti-Aging' is such a big business.

Everyone is trying to look younger and anti-aging products have saturated the market; many of which are adding to the acceleration of our aging with ingredients that are harmful, useless and which are too alkaline. Choosing products that diminish wrinkles should be just one goal when seeking youthful looking skin. When skin looks radiant and feels smooth, when it's firm, taut and resilient; calm, even toned without age spots and properly moisturized, that healthy younger looking glow is likely to be more apparent.

Unlike Elephants, we do not need our wrinkles to survive; however, we do need to be diligent about taking good care of our body daily, both externally and internally; especially, if we want to combat wrinkles and keep our skin vibrant and healthy.

Today begins your transformation to a more healthier and beautiful you!

Gloria Mills - For The Greater Glow



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