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Commit And Don't Cheat; The Ideal Skin Relationship

Updated: May 15, 2020

What products are you pining for?

After much speculation, in 1933, Mr. Walt Disney shared with 'Film Pictorial Magazine' that Mickey was indeed married to Minnie. Their 85 years together and still counting, can be attributed to an endearing commitment to one other.

If commitment is at the core of the best relationships, then why do we cheat on our favorite products? With so much product on the market, making all kinds of promises, how do we make the right commitments and choose the best products for our skin types? And when do we get to cheat?

There's a definite divide amongst beauty experts concerning dating a lot of products from all different product lines. However, all agree that when using products with active ingredients; such as Retinoids, Peptides, Alpha Hydroxy or Salicylic Acids that you need to be careful not to overlap ingredients. Doing so might actually undermine the effectiveness and also possibly damage your skin in the process. So if Anti-Aging is on your dance card, best to find a single product line that is formulated to work synergistically with each other and then give it time. Typically, you can start seeing results in 1 to 3 months depending on your age and the corresponding cycle of cell turnover of your skin.

If you're not yet in the OMG wrinkle stage of life; and/or just looking for a good cleanser and moisturizer, go ahead and date as many products as you'd like. But never be afraid to break up with a product that you're not happy with. And don't stay in a bad relationship just to finish up the tube or jar or bottle.

Regardless of which Mr. Right or Mrs. Right product you are pining for, be sure to:

~ Always look at ingredients. Since 1938 when the Skin Care Industry became self regulated there is absolutely no way to know what's really in our products, except if the company is full disclosure and tells us. With so much toxicity in our air and food, why add it onto our skin?

~ Don't get fooled by products that say they contain collagen or elastin, because all you'll be buying is chicken feet and cow ligaments. Instead look for products that are free of animal products and that are formulated with active ingredients that boost the production of collagen and elastin.

~ Buy cosmetics and skin care products with a pH that’s in alignment with the skin's natural balance. Ideally skin should stay within a healthy range of 4.5 to 6. Anything above can effect our skin’s knight in shining armor, the 'acid mantle'. When this 'acid mantle' is out of balance our skin becomes a favorable environment for bacterial growth.

Most experts agree that a good marriage requires open communication, sharing common interests and enjoying each other's company. So when shopping around for those perfect product partners, remember to commit to a Company with a full disclosure ingredient policy and check ingredients to be sure your products are formulated to work together. Cheers to years of happy, glowing and radiant skin!

Today begins your transformation to a more healthier and beautiful you!

Gloria Mills - For The Greater Glow



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