When you start using the right products for your skin type,  you will sense a shift sometimes in as little as 24 to 48 hours and typically, start seeing results within 30 days.

What creates that shift?  If your skin is dry it may be the introduction of a non mineral based moisturiser.   Oily skin may require a less abrasive exfoliant  than you're using. along with a moisturizer that calms the skin.  Uneven skin tone likely needs some buffing with re-surfacing pads along with a good facial oil.  

If the skin is red, blotchy, or troubled; chances are  inflammation is the culprit and then skincare and dietary actions are required.

Then there's those annoying bags, wrinkles and fine lines that everyone would like  to minimize.  Anti-aging is a commitment that you can start at any age!

My philosophy; dare to go bare!  Glowing skin is a great foundation for any look and it is totally achievable with the right products and the right routine.

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