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Because of a long history of cancer in my family, I found myself making some serious decisions with regard to my health and diet about 24 years ago.  What I didn't understand at the time, was that although I was eating better and exercising more, my personal and household products were filled with enough toxins and chemicals to override all the other healthy choices I was making.  Since there are no Federal regulations with regard to personal care products, even when I was choosing 'natural' and 'organic' products, there still wasn't a guarantee that toxins or other useless ingredients weren't in these products.   


Bottom line is that with the right products, the right routine, and consistency you are going to see results.  But what I advocate for is a routine and products that are pure, safe, and healthy for you, that are not tested on animals and that do not harm the environment. 


So whether it's inner health, anti-aging for dry, oily, or sensitive skin; when you use the correct products that nourish and enhance your skin and wellbeing, you feel healthier, revitalized, and more beautiful.

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